Saturday, May 29, 2010


Its funny how people say life is like a rollercoaster because it kinda is and kinda isnt. today has been i really hard day for me i dont even understand my own feelings.
I really dont know how i feel am sad, mad, confused, and feeling useless. i dont even know what to do to try to express my feelings. i understand life is really hard and i know that but its funny when you find yourself in the problem or situation you
tell yourself its life and it will pass. At tht moment your like omg ... i know but what do i do now and how can i make it all better.In my situation its so much more than a problem that i really cant even image a soluation.And i cant say am stress or mad or sad because i cant believe its happening i seriously lost all emotions.(maybe thats why i cant understand how i feel. This is the point in my life that will bring great difference NO MATTER what. but i will be there no matter what..i love you guys

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need a Breather

Ok so i have been driving my fathers car for like about a month
ago and two weeks ago i got in a car accident. (am ok)so now am starting
to fix it up but every single day its something new with that car.
if its not one thing its another.i know i know its a car but with my busy days
i just cant handle it. i dont even know where to turn or what to do.
i feel like giving up.i understand now how sometimes our parents feel. i mean am
only 18 but my life has started.